Service and Supports

  1. Replacement Spare Parts – Heat Transfer Plates and  Gaskets
  2. Accessories for Plate Heat Exchanger
  3. Plate Heat Exchanger Service
  4. Bloc welded Heat Exchanger Service
  5. Chemical cleaning of Heat Exchangers
  6. Solar Power Plant Service
Replacement Spare Parts – Heat Transfer Plates and Gaskets

High Quality and High Performance Spares for Plate Heat Exchangers

We do offer replacement spare parts in association with European companies and hence offer the products of very high quality.

Wide Ranges

We offer wide range of plates and gaskets for all brands of plate heat exchangers : Alfa Laval, APV, GEA/Kelvion, Tranter, Tetrapack, Thermowave , Funke, Schmidt Bretton , Fischer , Mueller etc

Certification :

We can supply the Gaskets  which comply with the law and regulations such as FDA standard, European Standard EC1935/2004, 3 A standard   as  applicable in that particular region/area.

Plate MOC

SS304, SS316, SS316L, SMO 254, Hastelloy c 276, Hastelloy 2000, Monel Nickel, Inconel, Incoloy, Titanium, Tipd etc.

Gasket MOC

NBR, NBR-HT, HNBR, EPDM, EPDM HT, Viton A, Viton G etc. PTFE enveloped O ring or specific application

Plate Heat exchanger service

The maintenance of plate heat exchangers require a complete deep experience and expertise . Our team has more than two decades of experience in the field.

We offer our services for All Brands of  plate heat exchangers  such as  Alfa Laval, Kelvion, Hisaka, Tranter , APV etc

Meeting your requirement

  • Annual maintenance contract for CIP / manual cleaning
  • Service audits and maintenance of spares for customer
  • Pressure testing, re-assembly, shipping , commissioning
  • Stock of strategic products for all brands
  • Existing unit upgrades and re-configuration
  • On and Off site service & Technical support

We have wide experience in servicing of various makes of plate heat exchangers in various industries which utilizes the plate heat exchangers.Our Expertise encompasses servicing of all types such as

For New PHE

Erection and Commissioning till performance testing for designed parameters

For Existing PHE

Trouble shooting, cleaning, regasketting and reassemble and leakage testing.

Photos Inspection

Light box DP ,testing of Heat transfer plate , Groove Inspection

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