Heatex coil is versatile and simple in its construction. Two metal sheets are welded together and, by means of spot welding, they are inflated through high pressure to obtain internal channels that create a series of passages for the flow of fluids.

It can be applied to any shapes and sizes as per the customer requirements.

Type of structure

Single embossed type coil

Double embossed type coil


  1. Temperature -46 to +300 Deg C
  2. Various shapes and Sizes
  3. MOC : Stainless Steel / SMO 254/Titanium


  1. Customize to any processing industry
  2. Most efficient heat recovery on the market
  3. High heat transfer rates
  4. Easy installation


  1. Clamp on vessels and storage tanks
  2. Immersion heating/cooling
  3. Painting plants
  4. Food and dairy plants
  5. Petrochemical
  6. Energy recovery
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