Conventional Gasket Type Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchanger consists of corrugated plates fixed with gasket and these are mounted between fixed frame and movable frame , Top and Bottom carrying bar are used for hanging the plates in between frames and the ties rods are used for tightening to the required plate pack. Fluids enter through the connections in the frame and are distributed in between plates. The fluids flow thorough alternate passages between plates by means of gasket arrangement.


  • More than 50 sizes available with every size two to three plate pattern
  • Connection size available from 25 mm to 500 mm
  • Heat transfer area from 0.04 m2 to 2.5 m2 per plate
  • Design pressure up to 25 bar
  • Plate MOC: AISI304,AISI316,SMO254, Hastelloy C 276 , Titanium , TI-Pd, Nickel etc
  • Gasket MOC : NBR, NBR P, HNBR, EPDM, EPDM -P, Viton A , Viton G etc

Features and Benefits

  1. Efficient heat transfer- Reduced capital cost
  2. Low weight—Lower foundation cost
  3. Flexibility- Easy to alter duties
  4. Minimised vibration-Longer life time , reliability
  5. Easily accessible heat transfer area- lower maintenance
  6. Close temperature approach  – Suitable for Heat Recovery  and regeneration application with more recovery


Cooling and Heating of various fluids .  Fluids where the particle size  is not more than  2 mm, this conventional gasket type PHE can be used.

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