The Brazed Heat Exchanger is  constructed as a package of corrugated channel plates between front and rear cover-plate packages. The cover-plate packages consist of sealing plates, blind rings and cover plates. Connections are mounted on the cover plates and can be customized to meet specific market and application requirements. During the vacuum-brazing process, a brazed joint is formed at every contact point between the base and the filler material. This design creates a heat exchanger that consists of two separate channels or circuits.


There are different BPHE product categories depending on material combinations and design pressures. The standard plate materials are AISI 316 stainless steel, vacuum-brazed with a pure copper filler or a nickel-based filler. For demanding applications, the plates can be made of SMO 254, a stainless steel with a higher content of molybdenum.

The other special innovation in BHE is the one which is completely stainless steel brazed/fusion welded plated heat exchanger where there is no brazing material .


Refrigerant Evaporator/condenser

De super heater

Oil cooler

Steam Heating

Features and Benefits

Improved heat transfer – Increasing system thermal performance

Lower pressure loss – Reducing pump work

Improved mechanical strength – Stronger units

Greatly reduced dimensions – Allowing for smaller system solutions

Lower hold up volume – Reducing refrigerant costs

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